“DIVAS” Sarah Maclaine, Winston Hillyer & Warren Wills

*** WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19 *** “She: Divas” Part of an initial 4 part series celebrating the music, life and times of women with four different thematic hearts. The series will be at Marquee Lounge Bar in June. My evening will be “DIVAS”. A celebration of female singers from the 1940s & 1950s. The show/series concept is by producer Aaron Zaitman and the musical direction will be by Warren Wills. Also with the wonderful Winston Hillyer. This show means so much to me. I hope to see you there! Facebook event page ~ https://www.facebook.com/events/433551003887013/?ti=ia

Warren Wills
Warren Wills is a composer, musical director, and performer who has worked with many of the world's best cabaret, opera, jazz and classical artists.
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‘Wonderwomen’ 4th July 2019

Kelly Auty, Winston Hillyer, Warren Wills

Doors/dinner & show 6.30pm $70 / GA $30 – Show 8.30pm

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